Charms Company
Charms Company


Begüm Yalçın

Charms Company is a young and powerful jewelery brand that inherits its character from its creator Begüm Yalçın. Born in Istanbul in 1989, Begüm graduated from Italian High School and went to Milan, Italy to get education in fashion design at NABA. During 5 years she spent in Milan, Begüm noticed that her passion for jewellery designing overshadowed fashion design; because for her, the thing that completes someone’s style is small touches.

Begüm’s designs that drew great interest among her milieu in Europe inspired the foundation of Charms Company. Today, the brand introduces designs that are created by gracefully embroidered gemstones like diamonds, sapphire, ruby and emerald and offer the mix of simplicity and showiness. As she believes in the charm of softness, Begüm reflects her stance on her identity as a designer. In her powerful designs, the classical passion for jewellery meets with the dynamic lifestyle of the day and is reinterpreted. One of the most important qualities of Charms Company collections is that each piece has its own differences but they are in harmony to combine with each other.

The jewellery that can be used in daily life appeal to today’s modern woman. Begüm explains the spirit of the brand as follows: "Charms Company collections will leave soft touches on your skin with each piece of its collection; will make you feel different when you wear them. I design that feeling which cannot be explained in words."